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Frequently Asked


Q. Can I rent your Food Truck / CaraVan / ConTrailer / Container only?

A. Yes. You can simply rent per day, per week, per month or year.


Q. What is a ConTrailer?

A. Our ConTrailer is a converted shipping container on wheels (people though we were on a different planet when we first suggested the idea ;)).


Q. How does the ConTrailer differ to the Container Café concept?

A. Our ConTrailer in mobile & operates in a similar way to a Food Truck & can be moved more easily whereas the Container Café is designed more for longer term projects.  Differences aside, they both rock!


Q. Can you travel all over the UAE?

A. Yes we can. Obviously the price of transportation will vary slightly.


Q. I want you to cater to our event but don’t need your trucks, is this possible?

A. Yes, no problem at all.


Q. What kind of events do you normally do?

A. ALL. We have partaken in almost every category of event. We even catered to a private party with the royal family.. the first and only food truck to do so… and they loved it!!


Q. Can you customize your menu?

A. Yes we can! If you have a preference just let us know & we will do our best to support. If you give us enough notice, there is no cuisine we can’t do.


Q. Film crew catering?

A. Yes, we can support. Our mobile F&B trailers can go anywhere & offer any food packages. Just give us a call & we can look in more detail at what you are looking for.


Q. Do you do private parties?

A. Of course – we love a private party! At home, at the office, in the desert, in the park, just let us know where the party’s at & we will be there!


Q. Are you part of TruckersDXB?

A. We sure are. We are one of the founding members of the Truckersdxb group.


Q. Is it hard to set up & run a mobile catering business in the UAE?

A. If we tried to explain how hard.. you wouldn’t believe us..but we’ve done it so many times that we make it as easy for you..


 Q. How do I book you?

A. Give us a call or email us. Email is recommended because when we are in the middle of an event or in a meeting it can be a little difficult to get to the phone so drop us a little email & we will get back to you.


Q. Where can I find you during the week?

A. At the moment we don’t have a permanent home, so for now keep track on our social media pages because that’s the best way to locate us. That being said, if we are catering at a private party then our location won’t be mentioned, however we do hope to have a permanent home soon!


Q. Do you sell mobile units?

A. Yes! Trucks, containers, trailers, horse boxes, Caravans.


Q. Do you guys have any franchise opportunities?

A. Yes. If you are interested in franchise opportunities send us an email lets start talking.  

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